.:.Chroniques classées selon la première lettre du nom de l'artiste .:.

.:.Index alphabétique des chroniques.:.

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.:Pace, Phil :: There's A Place:.

.:Pack Head Ohm :: Pack Head Ohm:.

.:Packard, Morgan :: Moment Again Elsewhere:.

.:Padna :: Alku Toinen:.

.:Pains of Being Pure at Hearts, The :: Days of Abandon:.

.:Painted Palms :: Forever:.

.:Pallett, Owen :: A Swedish Love Story:.

.:Palmer, Amanda :: Who Killed Amanda Palmer:.

.:Paloalto :: Heroes and Vilains:.

.:Palomo Vinuesa + Collectif Serendipity, Daniel :: Le projet flou:.

.:Pan American :: For Waiting, For Chasing:.

.:Pan American :: Quiet City:.

.:Pan American :: The river made no sound:.

.:Pan Sonic :: Gravitoni:.

.:Pan Sonic :: Kesto (234.48:4):.

.:Panda Bear :: Person Pitch:.

.:Panda Bear :: Tomboy:.

.:Panda Bear :: Young Prayer:.

.:Panda Valium :: Bubo:.

.:Pantha Du Prince :: This Bliss:.

.:Panti Will :: Hell:.

.:Papaye :: La chaleur:.

.:Papaye :: Tennis:.

.:Paper Chase, The :: God bless your black heart:.

.:Paperweight :: Snails Of April:.

.:Papier Tigre :: Recreation:.

.:Papier Tigre :: s/t:.

.:Papier Tigre :: The Beginning And End Of Now:.

.:Parade Ground :: Rosary:.

.:Paral.lel :: Upgrade To Mutant Sheep:.

.:Parhelion & Zac Keiller :: Farthest North:.

.:Parisians, The :: Démo 4 titres:.

.:Park, Karin :: Highwire Poetry:.

.:Parkins, Zeena & Mori, Ikue :: Phantom Orchard:.

.:Parlane, Rosy :: Iris:.

.:Parra for Cuva :: Majouré:.

.:Parsley Sound :: Parley Sounds:.

.:PAS Musique :: Abandoned Bird Egg:.

.:Pascal Pinon :: Twosomeness:.

.:Passage :: Forcefield Kids:.

.:Passarella Death Squad :: s/t:.

.:Passe Montagne :: Long Play:.

.:Passe Montagne :: Oh My Satan:.

.:Passion Pit :: Chunk Of Change:.

.:Passion Pit :: Manners:.

.:Pastels, The :: The Last Great Wilderness:.

.:Pastry Case :: Wheelchair And Jogging Suite:.

.:Patriotic Sunday, The :: Actual Fiction:.

.:Patriotic Sunday, The :: Characters:.

.:Patriotic Sunday, The :: Lay Your Soul Bare:.

.:Paul Haig :: The Warp Of Pure Fun:.

.:Peaches :: Fatherfucker:.

.:Peaking Lights :: 936:.

.:Pearl Jam :: Riot Act:.

.:Pedestrian :: Ghostly Life:.

.:Pedestrian :: Unindian songs volume 1:.

.:Pedro the Lion :: Achilles Heel:.

.:Pedro the Lion :: Control:.

.:Pendleton :: Grounded for a year:.

.:People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz :: Rhapsody In Glue:.

.:People on holiday :: Canary wharf gherkins:.

.:Pepito :: Everything Changes:.

.:Peppermints, The :: Jesüs Chryst:.

.:Peppermoon :: Nos Ballades:.

.:Percevalmusic :: Dormir-Sommeil:.

.:Percevalmusic :: Recueil du mal:.

.:Percevalmusic :: Viescolaire:.

.:Permanant Fatal Error :: Law Speed:.

.:Perrey, Jean-Jacques & Chazam, David :: ELA:.

.:Perrey, Jean-Jacques & Vibert, Luke :: Moog Acid:.

.:Perri, Sandro :: Impossible Spaces:.

.:Perrier, Laurent :: As Far As:.

.:Perrier, Laurent :: Plateforme #1:.

.:Perrine en Morceaux :: Rien:.

.:Pest Sound :: 76 Kilos Laughing:.

.:Peter Kernel :: White Death & Black Heart:.

.:Peter Wolf Crier :: Garden of Arms:.

.:Peters, Michael :: Impossible Music:.

.:Petit Fantôme :: Yallah:.

.:Petit, Philippe :: Fire-Walking to Wonderland:.

.:Petit, Philippe :: Oneiric Rings on Grey Velvet:.

.:Phair, Liz :: Liz Phair:.

.:Phantogram :: Nightlife:.

.:Phantogram :: Voices:.

.:Phantom/Ghost :: To Damascus:.

.:Pharaohs :: Photosynthesis:.

.:Pharaohs :: We've Tried Nothing And We're All Out Of Ideas:.

.:Phenomenal Handclap Band, The :: s/t:.

.:Phillips, Dave & Hesse-Honegger, Cornelia :: Mutations:.

.:Phillips, Simon James :: Chair:.

.:Phizmiz, Ergo :: Eleven Songs:.

.:Phoenix :: It's never been like that:.

.:Phoenix :: LIVE! Thirty days ago:.

.:Phoenix :: Wolgang Amadeus Phoenix:.

.:Phon.O :: Burn Down the Town:.

.:Phonophani :: s/t:.

.:Phosphene :: L'essentiel est invisible:.

.:Phospho :: One Caballo Per Seven Frauen:.

.:Phospho :: Time Hits:.

.:Phthalocyanine :: No One Said You Didn't:.

.:Piana :: Snow Bird:.

.:Piano Chat :: Ours molaire:.

.:Piano Magic :: Artists' Rifles:.

.:Piano Magic :: Disaffected:.

.:Piano Magic :: Popular Mechanics :.

.:Piano Magic :: The troubled sleep of Piano Magic:.

.:Piano Magic :: Writers without homes:.

.:Picastro :: Become Secret:.

.:Picore :: Assyrian Vertigo:.

.:Pierlé, An :: Helium sunset:.

.:Pierre :: My Own:.

.:Pierre :: Out:.

.:Pierre :: Rsrchn:.

.:Pierre & Marie :: s/t:.

.:Pierre, (& the urchins) :: compiled 3:.

.:Pigs :: Wronger:.

.:Pikacyu*Makoto :: Om Sweet Home : We Are Shining Stars From The Darkside:.

.:Pillow :: s/t:.

.:Pilot Balloon :: Ghastly Good Cheer:.

.:Pilot Radio :: Antiques:.

.:Pimmon :: Smudge Another Yesterday:.

.:Pimmon :: The Oansome Orbit:.

.:Pinback :: Summer in abaddon:.

.:Pink Grease :: This Is For Real:.

.:Pinkcourtesyphone :: Elegant and Detached:.

.:Piringer, Jörg :: Vokal:.

.:Pita :: Get Off:.

.:Pixel :: Display:.

.:Pixel :: Mantle:.

.:Pixel :: The Drive:.

.:Pixies, The :: Wave of Mutilation: The Best of the Pixies:.

.:Placebo :: Sleeping with ghosts:.

.:Plaid :: Reachy Prints:.

.:Plain White T's :: Every Second Counts:.

.:Plan B :: Keepsake:.

.:Planets :: s/t:.

.:Plastica :: The Redlight underground:.

.:Plastikman :: Closer:.

.:Plastiscines :: LP1:.

.:Playdoh :: Fragments:.

.:Playground :: What's the game:.

.:PLP (Pour Le Plaisir) :: EP:.

.:Plug :: Reduce and Produce demo#1:.

.:Pluramon :: Dreams Top Rock:.

.:Pluramon :: The Monstrous Surplus:.

.:Poirier, Ghislain :: Conflits:.

.:Poirier, Ghislain :: No Ground Under:.

.:Poirier, Philippe :: Les Triangles Allongés:.

.:Poison The Well :: You Come Before You:.

.:Poisson, Tom :: Heureux comme les cerfs volants:.

.:Pokett :: Crumble:.

.:Pokett :: your picture here:.

.:Pola :: Même:.

.:Pole :: Pole:.

.:Pole :: Steingarten Remixes:.

.:Polite Sleeper :: Seens:.

.:Pollyanna :: Cowboys:.

.:Pollyanna :: On Concrete:.

.:Pollyanna :: Whatever they say i'm a princess:.

.:Polyethylene :: Invisible Man:.

.:Polyphonic Spree , The :: The Beginning stages of...:.

.:Pond :: Beard, Wives, Denim:.

.:Poney Club :: Gusty winds exist:.

.:Poney Club :: Tighter Than A Tick:.

.:Poni Hoax :: Images Of Sigrid:.

.:Poni Hoax :: s/t:.

.:Poni Hoax :: Tropical Suite:.

.:Pony Taylor :: How to Fold Paper in Half Twelve Times:.

.:Pop Levi :: Never Never Love:.

.:Pop Levi :: The Return To Form Black Magick Party:.

.:Pop, Iggy :: A Million in Prizes : The Iggy Pop Anthology:.

.:Pop, Iggy :: Préliminaires:.

.:Pop, Iggy :: Skull Ring:.

.:Popklub Arsenal :: Normandy Sessions:.

.:Populous :: Queue For Love:.

.:Porcelain :: I’ve got a really important thing to do right now but i can’t do it cause i’m asleep:.

.:Porcelain :: Me and my famous lover:.

.:Pord :: Wild:.

.:Port Royal :: Flares:.

.:Port-Royal :: Afraid To Dance:.

.:Port-Royal :: Flared Up - Port Royal Remixed:.

.:Portico :: Living Fields:.

.:Postal Service, The :: Give up:.

.:Postmarks :: National Parks:.

.:Poto & Cabengo :: s/t:.

.:Potomac Accord, The :: In One-Hundred Years The Price Will Be Forgotten:.

.:Powderfinger :: Vulture Street:.

.:PQ :: You'll Never Find Us Here:.

.:Prairie :: I'm Not In Love I Almost Forget I Survived A Disaster:.

.:Pram :: Dark island:.

.:Prefects, The :: Amateur Wankers:.

.:Prefuse 73 :: One word extinguisher:.

.:Present, The :: World I See:.

.:Presidents of the United States of America, The :: Love Everybody:.

.:Presidents of the united states of america, The :: The presidents of the united states of america:.

.:Pretty Boy Crossover & Julio Soto :: We Are All Drifting:.

.:Pretty girls make graves :: The new romance:.

.:Pretty Mary Dies :: Put Our Names On The Walls Of Your City:.

.:Price, Sean :: Jesus Price Supastar:.

.:Prince :: Musicology:.

.:Prince Miiaou, Le :: Fill the Blank with you Own Emptiness:.

.:Prince Miiaou, Le :: Nécessité Microscopique:.

.:Prince of Assyria :: Missing Note:.

.:Princess Superstar :: American Gigolo III:.

.:Principles Of Geometry :: Lazare:.

.:Principles of Geometry :: Meanstream:.

.:Prins Thomas :: Cosmo Galactic Prism:.

.:Probot :: Probot:.

.:Process of Guilt :: Faemin:.

.:Prototypes :: Tout Le Monde Cherche Quelque Chose A Faire:.

.:PS I Love You :: Death Dreams:.

.:Pseudocode :: Slaughter in a Tiny Place:.

.:Psykick Lyrikah :: Des lumieres sous la pluie:.

.:Public Enemy :: Beats And Places:.

.:Public Enemy :: New Whirl Odor:.

.:Public Enemy :: Rebirth Of A Nation:.

.:Pull :: My Head is a Building:.

.:Pull :: The empire now:.

.:Pulseprogramming :: Tulsa For One Second:.

.:Pulsinger, Patrick :: Dogmatic Sequences - The Series 1994-2006:.

.:Pulsinger, Patrick :: Impassive Skies:.

.:Punkles, The :: The Punkles:.

.:Puppetmastaz :: The Takeover:.

.:Pure :: Bodyhammer:.

.:Pure :: Home Is Where My Harddisk Is - Vol.2:.

.:Pure :: Ification:.

.:Pure :: No End of Vinyl:.

.:Purple City :: The Purple Album:.

.:Putiferio :: Ate Ate Ate:.

.:Putnam, Jim & Mottet, Mickaël :: Jim Putnam & Mickaël Mottet:.

.:PVT :: Church With No Magic:.

.:PW Long :: Remembered:.

.:PXP :: Nada:.

.:Pylône :: Grounded Hands:.

.:Pypito :: Dive into our screen:.

.:Pyramids with Nadja :: s/t:.

.:Pyrolator :: Neuland:.

.:Pyroman :: The Black Super Hero ! - Illegal tape Platinum session Bras d’acier :.